What we can do for you


PCb direct lab supports the Customer from the project phase, contributing, when requested, to the improvement of the project itself through DFM (Design for Manufacturing) analysis, to make each project reliable and optimize the costs of the device.


Thanks to our new platform you can simulate, configure, order and control the production of your printed material, both for rapid prototyping (also in 24h) and for the production of large volumes.

In addition to the present configurations thanks to the constant technological development, on request we execute the following options for the printed circuit boards:


  • Controlled impedance
  • Electrolytic golding
  • Blind / buried holes
  • Metallographic specimens
  • Filling vias holes
  • Press fit holes


Beyond the supply of printed circuits, PCB direct lab offers solutions for the assembly of electronic boards, cutting-edge technical solutions for your PCB’s:


  • Assembly of electronic boards in SMT technology (large and small runs)


The internal department of SMT (SurfaceMount Technology) consists of highly qualified personnel and the latest technology machinery: fully automated systems that allow maximum precision and repeatability of the process with a capacity production of over 20,000 components / hour. The SMT line used allows the production of boards with SMD components of any size and type according to the IPC-A-610E standard: resistors and capacitors up to 01005, BGA (Ball GridArray) and μBGA, QFP, TSOP, SSOP, SOJ, PLCC , QFN, Pin-In-Paste components



  • Assembly of electronic cards in THT technology (large and small runs)

For the production of boards with components in through-pin technology (ThroughHoleTecnology), both manual and with automatic welding machines, assembly stations are all composed of latest generation equipment, pre-forming machines for taped and loose components, automatic and semi-automatic assembly systems, for leadfree and lead-tin machining.

  • Conformal Coating (protective coating against humidity and dust)


CONFORMAL COATING systems of PCB direct lab allow to use all types of Resins requested by our customers


  • Machining and assembly of “turnkey” equipment
  • Assembly of prototypes in both automatic and manual mode
  • Programming, calibration and testing of electronic equipment
  • Aging cycles (Burnin) both active and passive
  • Production of cables and wiring
  • Electronic design and firmware development
  • Feasibility analysis and definition of product specifications
  • Design of plastic or metal container


To assist our customers in all and for all ,PCB direct Lab is active in the electronic design of: electronic devices for control and automation for both the industrial and civil sectors, environmental monitoring systems, data acquisition systems and home automation systems, security systems and communication and wireless and mobile data collection.

We create for you masters both in SMD and THT technology of electronic boards also multilayer with blind / buried holes, we also provide firmware development service.


We can import preliminary wiring diagrams (also from paper format) and transform them into electronic format.

We can generate distinct components (bomlist)

Import of the netlist from the wiring diagram

  • Check component footprint
  • PCB layout design rule settings
  • Component placement
  • Calculation and management of impedances and differentiated signals
  • Definition of Stackup
  • Card cheat
  • Generation of related documentation
  • On request simulation of the assembled board in 3D format
  • Implementation of a footprint based on customer specifications
  • Re-processing of files from gerber files and conversion to CAD source files
  • Implementation of documentation and construction files from sample sheets and bill of materials – Reverse Engineering (also multilayer)
  • PCb conversion from THT technology to SMT technology