The components assembly is a very important phase for the making of a pcb, PCBdirectLAB offers a flexible and fast assembly service able to quickly respond to the request for samples, pre-series and small series.

With a view to offering increasingly innovative and innovative services, it is possible to use a FAST ASSEMBLY service that provides complete prototyping in a very short time, including the assembly of electronic boards and printed circuit boards, in a maximum guaranteed time of 5-6 days. working *.

The intent is to have for the customer a solo interlocutor who takes care of the total management of the quick sampling in order to avoid continuous contacts (time customer and personal problems of understanding) between customer – master – producer of the printed circuit – assembler.

Starting from the initial cad files, then PCB Direct Lab takes over the execution of the fast sampling ** of the electronic board, starting from the sizing and execution of the square, the management of the files for the execution of the sheet, the programming and the assembly of the lines, with the assembly and completion of the part in PTH (manual assembly if necessary or required).

For the procurement of components, we use all that is available from the warehouse. With regard to the slightly more specific components, the rapid delivery service is addressed. Finally, the things “less manageable” (components of difficult availability for various reasons such as quotas, design, cost or specificity, etc.), will certainly be from the customer.

(* This variable depends on the number of layers of the printed circuit board)

(** For rapid sampling of Pcb we mean a surface of max 0.2 square meters).

We also offer parts list review (BOM) accompanying the customer in the choice of alternative components in case of obsolescence, poor availability or optimization of production costs.

Our internal components warehouse can also be used in many cases to supply common components in a very short time.

Among most modern automatic assembly techniques allow us to manage mixed THT and SMD components (20,000 cmp / h) also on two sides with reflow, wave and selective welding.


Below are some of the managed SMD formats:

(SO / BGA / uBGA / QFN / uQFN / TQFP / VSON / MSOP / 01005/0201/0402/0603 etc.)


The assembly line concludes with the possibility to add service of optical inspection, x-ray, pre-test, programming, conformal-coating and production-serialization.


“Samples assembly” service.
Complete supply and SMD/PTH assembly of components required.
Or assembly of the components supplied by the customer.
Optional: Firmware Programming.
Optional: Pre-test.


This is what we need to get started:


  • The PCBs.  You can provide them yourself or ask for the assembly service of the circuits you just bought.


Our staff will be happy to find the best solution for your needs.

If you have questions or want a quote contact us!