Sampling service and small series with fixed delivery

The Best Price PCB service of PCB Online offers the possibility of ordering 2-layer circuits up to 0.5 square meters. This service has been created specifically to meet the needs of projects that do not require fast delivery but the best value for money.


PCB Features




Typology of PCB

1 or 2 Layer

Rigid PCB


Up to 0.5 sqm

No minimum order quantity


Printed Circuits Shipped in 12 Business Days

Fixed timing to minimize costs. If you need to faster deliveries choose Fast PCB service

Maximum PCB dimension

300mm x 250mm

The maximum PCB size in one direction can be 300 mm, the other less than 250 mm. It is not relevant if the maximum dimension is horizontal or vertical.

Minimum PCB size

50mm x 50mm

The minimum PCB size must be greater or equal to 50 mm both horizontally and vertically.

Base material


Standard epoxy laminate

Base material thickness

1.60 mm

Standard PCB thickness: Thickness tolerance is 10%. For this service you can not change the thickness of the PCB. If you need different material thicknesses, choose the Fast PCB service

Finish Copper Thickness

35μm (1 oz)

Standard copper thickness (1 oz): Thickness tolerance is 10%. For this service you can not change the thickness of copper. If you need different copper sprouts choose the Fast PCB service


2 sides

The price quoted is calculated with two-sided solder mask included.

Color Solder


The standard color for the Solder Mask is green. With the service Best PCB can not change the color.


1 Side

The cost of a silk screen is included. For this service is not you can have 2 screen prints

Serigraphy color


The standard color for screen printing is white. With Best PCB service can not change the color.


HAL lead free

The standard finish for the copper surface is Hot Air Levelling lead free. With the Best PCB service you can not have any other surface finishes.

Minimum Line

0.18 mm (7 mils)

The minimum truck must be greater than or equal to 0.18mm (7 mils).

Minimum insolation

0.18 mm (7 mils)

The minimum distance between pad and / or truck must be greater than or equal to 0.18mm (7 mils).

Minimum hole

0.40 mm

The minimum size of a hole must be greater or equal to 0.40mm.

Minimum distance between copper and

edge board

0.30 mm

The distance between pad and / or truck with the board edge must be greater than or equal to 0.30 mm

Electrical test


The electric test is included in the price.

PCB milling


The delivery of PCB is always for individual pieces. Not panels or are allowed. If you need to PCB panels with V-cut or pre-punched witnesses choose the Fast PCB service



The internal PCB cutouts must have a dimension minimum of 2.00 mm (80 mils)


  • The product is only available for countries in the European Union. For all international orders use Fast PCB.
  • The attached files must include Gerber files in RS274X format (one for each copper side, solder mask and screen printing, as well as the board edge).
  • Attached files must also contain a drilling file in Excellon format
  • E-mail support 24/7/365