Quality Guaranteed

Treating with manufactured realized with customer’s technical directives and projects, the printed circuited board once start building cannot be stopped and must go on till the end. For that reason we could not accept a return. Obviously we would solve all problems about building malfunctions or an uncorrect realization of the original project.

In the remote case where a processed order will not be up to our standards, we would be able to find an immediate solution. It will be enough for you to contact our customer support team 24/7/365 via mail or chat and, in this way, you would obtain all the instructions you need in order to return the PCB and re-make the right order.

WARNING: all customers are responsible for the correct delivery of orders an all its manufacturing details. PCB srl is not responsible about the engeneering and projecting defcts contents in the file sent by the customer.
Non compliant and defective PCB must be returned within 7 days from the date of shipment.