PCB Online s.r.l. will release an invoice in full of all payments. In case the nominee is a company will be necessary for invoicing anagraphic data and vat due,while in case of a private the vat due will be replaced by the fiscal code. Invoices are available in the prive area in electronic format as permitted by the applicable provisions. It will be customer care to print and save the invoice in printed form for every order, an accompanying invoice will be issued to be shipped together with the goods.a pdf copy will be sent to you by e-mail. Prices sold out on the site do not include vat and additional costs.Only on the end of the procedure the whole cost will be shown on the basis ofthe data supplied, including goods destination,your vat number, shipment method,payment method. For those who have rights,vat is not applyed in accordance with the laws.


It is allowed prepayment with credit cards, paypal and transfer. In case of using credit cards, payment reservation is collected at the time of sending the order but the transaction is suspended while waiting for all technical problems to be solved. The effective payment is available when the order passes in the valid state in case of using paypal method or MyBank the transaction is immediately before confirming the technical validity of the order.

Server security

All the transactions with credit cards step through the Sella server bank (leader in italy for e-commerce services with credit cards) which uses SSL-3.0 record on protected connections. The SSL record is a warranty of security above internet communications using a data code system allowing all transactions with credit cards not to be traced copied or rather watched. The strenghts of this system are connectivity in connection, server/client authentication and exclusive transfer of secure data (exchanged data can not be read or changed).

Data security

Nobody but the customer can read the details of credit cards payments during the transaction . The system Sella bank controls the extremes of credit card and execute (if possible ) a reservation on the due amount to pay,send a confirmation of operation to customer while to PCB Online s.r.l. is sent a just an identification of the transaction that will be permitted to exercise the addebit in a further moment (effective payment is at the top of the realization of pcb). Following reference exclusively to the identification of the operation, PCB online s.r.l will not be able to see or modify either the card data or the amount of the transaction.