The design process starts with an idea, something that must be created or produced and verified before mass production. Our CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION offer this possibility: starting from an idea, transforming it into a circuit, assembling the components and producing prototypes so that it can be checked by the designer and make adjustments if necessary before the final production.

If your project includes special requirements in terms of components to be assembled, PCB sizes, circuit complexity, or variable production targets, then CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION is the right choice to be made. The boards developed within this process are useful for electronics and electrical engineers, for large customers, for educational and innovative users and for industrial customers, and are widely used in everyday electronics, in equipment health, in industrial electronics, in information technology, in telecommunications, in the transport industry, in the aerospace industry, etc.

Some projects have such special parameters and / or characteristics that require the personal assistance of our team. If your project is not part of our online quotation services, you can easily upload files for a personalized quote thanks to our CUSTOM SERVICE service.