Pcb for Avionics, on-board telemetry systems, radar for airplanes, ICP accelerometers, drones


PCB for airbags, brake control systems, parking sensors, power steering


Pcb for 3D printer, monitor, printer, scanner, sound card, power supplies


Pcb for air generation and treatment groups, Door Control Systems, Brake Panels and Cabins


Pcb for money exchange management, collection management, ATM, cash desk


Pcb for magnetic resonance, drug dosage systems, sterilization systems

Personal / Hobby

Personal PCBs for a few pieces with longer timings


Having your product on the market on time, on budget, and with reliability is important in the retail market. Our guarantee in time assures you that we will be there, with the cards you need, when you need them


High quality pcb used according to IPC-6012 directives, Wireless Networks, Bluetooth Sensors

 Consumer electronics

Pcb for extractor hoods, electronics for coffee machines, washing machine programs management


Equipment for terminal

 Industrial electronics

PCB for industrial led lamps, led street lamps, led spotlights, shop lighting, led strip


PCB for inverters, solar flat connection cells, panel cleaning systems

Test & Measurement

Pcb for 350W AC-DC power supplies, microwave (MW) and radio-frequency (RF) circuits