PCB reverse engineering is a process that requires more than just electronic knowledge. It consists in a detailed analysis of the operation, design and development of an object, device or electrical component in order to produce a new device that has an analogous operation, perhaps improving or increasing the efficiency of the same, even without necessarily copy from the original.

It is usually used for duplication of a PCB when unfortunately gets lost electronic documents (files and drawings), Gerber or parts list.

Some key steps of reverse engineering on PCBs:

  • Analysis of the sample or any documents available.
  • Identification of constructive specifications such as
    mechanical sizing, material, number of layers, thicknesses and finishes.
  • Netlist analysis and reconstruction and assembled parts list.
  • Analysis of the result and optimization.
  • Implementation of documentation and construction files for PCB production
  • Implementation of programs for automatic processing and assembly.


“Reverse Engineering” service.

Provision  of 2 PCB samples (electrically compared to the original).
Construction file package (Gerber 274x file format).

Optional: “Reverse engineering” up to the schematic.

Optional: BOM realization.
Optional: Assembly of sample with components.

Optional: “Thru Hole” transformation in “SMD” technology.


What you need to know and what we need for this process
1-2 Layer.
This is what we need to get started:

1 (2 is better) Pcb samples not damaged and better without mounted components.
The supplied sample will be disassembled if necessary, and returned with the components stored in a separate bag.

4 Layers.
This is what we need to start with:
3 samples of Pcb not damaged and better without mounted components.
NOTES: 1 sample supplied will be disassembled completely to proceed with the reverse and therefore will be destroyed and no longer usable.
The remaining intact samples will eventually be disassembled and returned with the components removed in a bag.

6 layers and over.

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