Circuits Printed Board in 24 hours

The Fast PCB service of PCB Online gives you the option of ordering 1 layer, 2 layers and IMS (Aluminum) circuits up to 0.5 sqm in quantity with fast delivery of 24 hours.

Our service provides you a great freedom of choice both on the characteristics of PCB and on the speed of implementation. We do provide options for delivery from 1 to 10 days.The most varied features for PCB (different thicknesses of base material, different thicknesses of copper, different solder-mask or silk-screen colors and the possibility to create panels with more finished circuits with V-cut or witnesses).

PCB Features





Typology of PCBs

1 or 2 Layer

Rigid PCB – Aluminum(IMS) PCB


Up to 0.5 sqm

No minimum order quantity


From 24 hours to 10 days

Variable time depending on the urgency of the project.

Maximum PCB size

500mm x 380mm

The maximum size of PCB in one direction can

be 500 mm, the other less than 380 mm. It is not relevant

if the maximum size is horizontal or vertical.

Minimum PCB size

40mm x 40mm

The minimum size of PCB must be greater

or equal to 40 mm both horizontally and vertically.

Base material

FR-4 or IMS

Standard epoxy laminate – Aluminum 

Base material thickness

0.50 mm 1.60 mm

0.80 mm 2.00 mm

1.00 mm 2.40 mm

1.20 mm 3.20 mm

Standard PCB thickness (1.60 mm): Thickness tolerance is 10%. For this service you can change the thickness of the Pcb according to your needs.

Finish Copper Thickness

35 μm (1 oz)

70 μm (2 oz)

105 μm (3 oz)

Standard copper thickness (1 oz): Thickness tolerance is 10%. For this service you can edit it thickness of copper according to its needs.


2 sides

The price quoted is calculated with two-sided solder mask included.

Color Solder

Green Blue

Red Black

The standard color for the Solder Mask is green. For this service you can change the color according to your own need.


1 Side or 2 Side

The cost of a silk screen is included. For this service you can have 2 screen prints if the project requires it.

Serigraphy color

Black White

The standard color for screen printing is white. With Fast PCB you can change the color.


HAL lead free

Immersion gold

The standard finish for the copper surface is Hot Air Levelling lead free. With the Fast PCB service you can have other surface finishes.

Minimum Line

0.15 mm (6 mils)

The minimum track must be greater than or equal to 0.15mm (6 mils).

Minimum insolation

0.15 mm (6 mils)

The minimum distance between pads and / or track must be greater than or equal to 0.15mm (6 mils).

Minimum hole

0.35 mm

The minimum size of a hole must be greater or equal to 0.35 mm.

Minimum distance between copper and

edge board

0.25 mm

The distance between pads and / or track with the board edge must be greater than or equal to 0.25 mm

Electrical test


The electric test is included in the price.

PCB milling


V-Cut (Scoring)


With this service are allowed panels or groupings. The customer can order  PCB paneled with V-cut or perforated witnesses according to the their own needs.



The internal cutouts of the cards must have a dimension minimum or greater than 1.00 mm (39.38 mils)



Do you need special features for your PCB?

If your project needs more flexibility and control over the characteristics of your PCB, try our full service Prod PCB. 

Please attach the below requirements in order to provide the Best PCB service :

  • The attached file should include Gerber files in RS274X format (one for each copper side, solder mask and screen printing, as well as the board edge).
  • The Attached file should also contain a drilling file in Excellon format.
  • PCB online fast E-mail support is available 24/7/365. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.