Flexible options to meet any need

Prod PCB service of PCB Online gives you the maximum freedom of production and greater features than the Fast PCB service. You will be able to produce printed circuit boards from 0.5 to 50 square meters and the widest choice of features and materials for your projects (multilayer up to 30 layers, minimum runway 50 μ, minimum insulation 50μ, laser drilling, copper thickness even more than 305μ…) with the option of choosing between four possible deliveries of 10 days, 15 days, 20 days and 25 days.


PCB Features





Typology of PCBs

1 to 30 Layer

Rigid PCB


From 0.5 sqm to 50 sqm

Minimum order quantity 0.5 sqm


10 days 15 days

20 days 25 days

Variable timing according to the need of the project.

Maximum PCB dimension

1200mm x 800mm

The maximum PCB size in one direction can be 1200 mm, the other less than 800 mm. It is not relevant if the maximum dimension is horizontal or vertical.

Base material

FR4 – FR4 HiTg – BT Epoxy – Polyimide – Telflon – INVAR – Halogen Free –

and Frequency – IMS

For this service you can change the base material of PCB according to your needs.

Maximum PCB thickness

6.0 mm

For this service you can change the thickness of the pcb according to your needs.

Finish Copper Thickness

9-12-18-25-35-50-70-105-140-210-305 μ

For this service you can change the thickness of the copper according to your needs.


2 sides

The price quoted is calculated with two-sided solder mask included.

Color Solder

Green Blue


The standard color for the Solder Mask is green. For this service you can change the color according to your needs


1 Side or 2 Side

The cost of a silk screen is included. For this service you can have 2 screen prints if the project requires it.

Serigraphy color

Black White

The standard color for screen printing is white. With Prod PCB service you can change the color.


Hal lead free – Immersion Gold – Immersion Silver – Immersion Tin – Electrolytic Gold – Graphite – Bonding NiAu – OSP Coating Hot Air Levelling Sn / pb; Gold Finger Plating;

The standard finish for the copper surface is Hot Air Levelling lead free. With Prod PCB service you can have other surface finishes.

Minimum Line

50 μ

The minimum track must be greater than or equal to 0.18mm (7 mils).

Minimum isolation

50 μ

The minimum distance between pad and / or track must be greater than or equal to 0.18mm (7 mils).

Minimum hole

50 μ

0.15 mm (Mechanical) – 50 μ (Laser)

Metallized holes tolerance

-0.05 ÷ + 0.05 mm

Electrical test


The electric test is included in the price.

PCB milling


V-cut (Scoring)


With this service are allowed panels or groupings. The customer can order PCB paneled with V-cut or perforated witnesses according to your needs.



Internal PCB cutouts must have one minimum dimension greater than or equal to 1.00 mm (39.38 mils)


Some PCB projects have such special parameters or features that require personal assistance from our team. If your project does not fit into our online estimation services, you can easily upload files for a personalized quote through our sales team directly through our online personalized quote form.

  • The attached files must include Gerber files in RS274X format (one for each copper side, solder mask and screen printing, as well as the board edge).
  • Attached files must also contain a drilling file in Excellon format
  • E-mail support 24/7/365